The Ardèche département in the south of France is a stunningly beautiful part of the country. Best-known amongst its natural wonders is the Gorges de l’Ardèche, which some have compared to the USA’s Grand Canyon. Created by the River Ardèche carving its way through the limestone landscape (which also explains the presence of so many caves in this region), much of the gorge is only accessible by water. As a result, Ardèche canoe rental companies do brisk business catering to those who wish to make the descent of the 30 km long gorge. Children over the age of 7 are welcome to join their parents on a canoeing or kayaking adventure, which typically involves camping out beside the river for a night.


Keeping the kids amused – even out of the water!

If you have younger kids who can’t go canoeing, there’s still plenty to keep them amused. Keep them active with pony-trekking, cycling, walks through the mysterious rock formations of the Bois de Païolive oak woods or let them have a go at accrobranching. Go back in time by visiting the Chauvet-Pont d’arc cavern, a replica of the original cave, which contains some of the oldest cave paintings in the world! Journey to distant continents – Africa and North America – thanks to the Peaugres safari park, home to hippos and elephants, buffalos and bears. Adults may even want to return to childhood themselves at the Ardèche miniatures park, where an amazing working miniature railway will delight onlookers of all ages.